Incredible power – Incredibly green – Incredibly easy

Power… as a data processing user you want the power to run your tasks, with powerful security and at the lowest cost. With our unique data furnace technology you can not only get all of this but you can do it safe in the knowledge you are helping the environment.

We give you, our data processing users, everything you need from a cloud data processing service and we guarantee that when the homes our data furnaces are installed in want heat all of the energy used in your processing is 100% re-used.  Our unique technology gives businesses the piece of mind that their processing needs are met by the one of greenest technologies in the world.

So, if you need market leading cloud data processing and want to improve your eco-credentials, then Green Processing is the way to go.

Scalable, small or large to meet your needs
Cheaper than other environmentally damaging cloud providers
Easy to setup and instantly become green
Protected with the highest security
Renewable energy with 100% re-use when heating peoples homes
Up to 100% re-use of all energy consumed by your computations
Why wouldn’t you, its easy?

  • Just login / register with our secure servers and select the Green Processing package and service that works for you
  • Upload your data / applications and that’s it!
  • Green Processing will allocate your tasks to its secure network of data furnaces based on the service you choose
  • As the tasks are completed you will be notified and your payment is taken…it’s really that easy!

Run Your Applications With Docker

Green Processing instances run containerization software such as Docker, the world’s leading containerization platform.  Docker makes it easy for you to quickly create ready-to-run containered applications and makes managing and deploying your applications a breeze.  Docker is also the leading platform for serverless cloud applications, many of which are also ideally suited to our data furnace technology.

Industry Leading Security

Green processing may be our obsession, but security is our number one priority when it comes to providing our compute instances.

  • Full disk encryption of all our data furnace hard drives.
  • Leading edge cryptography of all network traffic within our data furnaces and between data furnaces and our centralised compute manager.
  • Bespoke designed motherboards inside our data furnaces ensure detection and fail safe protection against all tampering attempts.
  • If power is ever lost our data furnaces automatically perform a cryptographically secure full factory re-start before accepting new tasks.
  • No secret security protocols, all of our security is based on industry standard, verifiable security protocols, methods and cyphers.
What Compute Tasks Are We Good For?

Our compute instances are perfect for powerful compute tasks, with hardware designed to run all cores at 100% load without throttling.

Loads of RAM and flash storage provided with each instance – working with large and complex data sets no problem.

Hardware selected for hard work – we want the heat your tasks create so we give you the hardware muscle to do it.

Individual data furnaces packed full of compute instances – large tasks can be assigned to parallel process across the many motherboards packed into our individual data furnace units, providing low latency, multi CPU setups when needed.

Our data furnaces’ spin up and down as the homes they are installed in need hot water and heating and we move your compute tasks seamlessly around active data furnaces. We’re great at processing tasks and many serverless cloud applications, but our data furnaces are not designed to act as always on servers. Our centralised compute manager is always online to receive and return your tasks.

Register Your Interest

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