Green Processing is now actively looking for further investment to continue development, build our network and create new partnerships. We are passionate about creating a greener future and want to work with investors and businesses who feel the same way. At Green Processing we are not just building a company that provides sustainable revenues, but building a business to give a green sustainable future for everyone.

Our Missions

Be a leading provider  of “green” data processing services
Provide greener cheaper home heating
Reduce wasted heat

Green Processing offers a real alternative to companies looking to increase their eco credentials while offering low-cost heating and hot water to homes and businesses. Using Green Processing’s unique data furnace technology we give data processing users one of the greenest sources of computing power in the world and we offer the only patented on demand home space/water heating system powered by previously wasted energy.

Green Processing Values

Environmental sustainability: through Energy Efficiency, Energy Recycling, Energy Innovation.

End User First: Creating fit-for-purpose, cost effective products and solutions for our customers is the core of our business, and putting the end user first is the only way to do this.

Disruption through innovation: Taking a new open minded approach to challenge how things are done now, so that we can change them for the better

 The Journey we are on

Over the past few years we have been biding our time, waiting for technologies to align in order to make possible our goal of providing a competitive, leading, green data processing service that not only benefits business and home owners, but also the environment. With high speed home broadband for everyone now a reality, affordable IT technology and a willingness of businesses and governments to take responsibility to improve our environment, the time is now. Green Processing holds key granted and pending patents in this evolving industry and with our creative technological approach our solutions are not only compelling and unique, but unrivalled.

Green Processing Ltd
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