Although Green Processing was only incorporated a few years ago, its core ideology was actually formed long before this in 2008 by its founder Adam Pulley.  It was Adam who first came up with the concept of using computers to heat homes and not only do this, but take it one step further to make sure that those same computers are doing work that other people are willing to pay for.

Adam knew this was a win-win situation – great for the home owners who can benefit from the heating, great for data users, but most importantly great for the environment and it was this that drove him forward to make it a reality. After some research he soon realised he had an idea ahead of its time and had the foresight to protect the idea ready for the technology needed to become available.  Just remember this was now back in 2009, in a time before most people realised just how quickly demand for data centers would grow and how that growth would be detrimental to the environment.

So after a few years of theorising about the possibilities it was fortunate that, as the international patents became fully granted, the available technology had reached a stage whereby the home data furnace system could become a reality. Roll on a year or so and Simon Lucas joined Green Processing to help Adam realise his dream of creating a truly green data processing cloud.  Together Adam and Simon now lead the march of Green Processing to bring to fruition these unique ideas and technology.

Key People

Adam Pulley, Founder & CTO

Adam has 20 years commercial experience designing electrical and electronic products under his successful UK based company IBEX. Amassing a portfolio of over 150 product designs for global clients from a catalogue of differing industries.

An expert software developer, from small embedded all the way through to large cloud based systems, an expert electronics design engineer, CAD engineer, user experience designer, Adam is well versed at handling every step of the product development cycle.

The success of IBEX has been driven by Adam’s ability to offer fast development cycles across multiple live development projects, resulting in a well respected, in-demand and profitable client serving product design company.

Simon Lucas, CEO

Simon became a director at Green Processing back in February 2017.  Before this Simon worked at Microsoft for 3 years having sold his technology company, Cat and Mouse Ltd, to Microsoft in 2013. Cat and Mouse was the leading provider of bespoke technology for the broadcast industry, specialising in supplying technology for entertainment formats, such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Million Pound Drop and Dancing on Ice in over 60 countries worldwide. At Microsoft Simon continued to lead the Cat and Mouse team to develop and build TV broadcast products which are now used by broadcasters in over 100 countries and internationally recognised within the industry, resulting in 2017 receiving an EMMY for Technology and Engineering.

What does “Green” mean to us?

Being Green means many things to many people.  For Green Processing being green is all about creating an environmentally sustainable future through the efficient use of energy.  Our aim is to create energy efficiency where previously there was none, and our values reflect our mission.

Green = Environmental Sustainability through:

Energy Efficiency

The efficient use of energy is at the forefront of a sustainable future. For Green Processing this means designing and producing efficient and commercial solutions which meet this challenge head on.

Energy Recycling

Limited resources means that recycling will continue to be at the top of the eco-friendly to-do list. It’s no different at Green Processing except we recycle energy as well as our empty bottles!

Energy Innovation

From solar panels to electric cars Energy Innovation is essential in creating a sustainable future.  For Green Processing innovation is the heart of our business and we always do it with the environment as a priority