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At Green Processing we have designed a unique heating system which is more efficient, more cost effective and more green than any heating system of its type.  Our data furnace can be used like any other traditional boiler on the market giving you all the control you are used to from simple manual control, thermostats and timers all the way through to the latest online heating control systems. You’ll have unbelievably low running costs with the added peace of mind that you’ll have no annual maintenance costs—we carry out all servicing and on-going maintenance for free! And all of this comes safe in the knowledge you are helping save the environment.

Space heating

Supports radiator and underfloor space heating

Water heating

Supplies hot water too

Low Running Costs

Lower costs than all other traditional forms of heating

Full Temperature Control

Suits both high and low temperature heating systems

Compact design

Fits in place of traditional boiler

Easy To Maintain

Free servicing and maintenance


It’s simply better…

Green Processing’s Data furnace is simply better than the alternative…

Our Data furnace is efficient to run with low running costs and zero maintenance costs.

Our Data furnace connects into any standard heating system and simply replaces your traditional boiler.

Simple to control using our app and smart home assistants.

Our data furnace gives home owners an unrivaled low cost of entry versus other green energy sources, this is because our data furnaces are actually funded by the data users.

Building a new home? Green Processing’s data furnace fulfills new home builders energy efficiency rating requirements hands down!

Using our Heating Control app is easy

Using our Heating Control and System monitoring App with the Green Processing Data Furnace is so easy and will give you so much more flexibility to control and manage your heating and hot water. Our App learns your heating needs throughout the year and updates your heating requirements automatically. We don’t just learn when you heat your home, we also learn how you use your hot water and monitor in real time its temperature giving you an ultra efficient system with hot water when you want it.

Your data furnace is of course connected to the cloud so we even monitor the current and predicted weather conditions making sure your home is warmed up perfectly whenever that cold weather snap comes. When you are away from home we make sure your home is heated and you have plenty of hot water for when you return. Use the app to also monitor your heating usage and check to see not only the financial savings you are making, but also how your Green Processing furnace is helping save the environment.

Who are we best for?

Our data furnaces are designed to meet the heating requirements of up to a modern average mid-sized property. They can simply be installed in place of a traditional boiler and connect into your homes existing heating system, but to get the most out of our green technology we need your home to be as green as possible too. After all there is no point re-using all that heat if it’s simply going to be wasted. So we would expect any home using our data furnaces to have:

Wall insulation / double glazing – why heat your home if all the heat is leaking out of the walls and windows. Having wall insulation and double glazing will not only keep you warmer it will also mean your home will heat up quicker.

Insulate your roof – up to 25% of heat is lost through an un-insulated the roof.

Underfloor heating – not always possible to install and not essential for our system (we are also compatible with traditional wall radiator systems). Underfloor heating requires the water temperature flowing through it to be cooler than a radiator system and cooler water means less energy required to heat it.


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